Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Moving House

Moving house can be a nightmare but if you follow these simple ways to save money, you could save yourself hundreds if not thousands of pounds and even earn some money out of it to boot!

1. DIY removals

Instead of using a removal service, think about hiring a van and doing it yourself. Call in a few favours from your friends and family and reward them with beers and pizza to keep them going or cook them a nice dinner once you’re in. I’m sure there’s plenty of DIY jobs they wouldn’t say no to you helping them with in return too. You could save yourself a few hundred quid, even thousands!

2. Declutter your house

Get rid of all your old junk. It means you’ll have less stuff to move and so you won’t need such a big removal van, instantly saving you cash. You may even find some old gems that turn out to be priceless antiques!

3. Sell anything you no longer need

Better than saving money is making money! You could use Ebay but you’ll get charged for listing each item, plus a percentage of the sale. So why not use a free classified service like Vivastreet to advertise your old TVs, sofas and cookware? The beauty of selling using an online classified service is not only do you get the best prices, but people arrange to collect your items at the best time for you and it’s much easier than lugging everything to the post office or hanging around all day at a car boot sale.

4. Get free packing boxes and wrapping

Why pay loads of cash for boxes when you can use someone elses for free? is a fantastic site where kind souls give away things they no longer need totally free of charge. Moving boxes are always being posted on there and all you need to do is collect them. When you’ve moved in, simply return the favour and give the boxes away in the same way – it’s also great karma!

5. Get free furniture, electrical items, rugs and more

Start a Facebook group and run your own online swap party. Publish a set of rules to explain how a swap will work, then create a wanted group and an offered group and then invite everyone you know to post items in the appropriate discussion board. You get rid of stuff you no longer need and get back what you do, plus you help out all your mates.

6. Earn cashback on things you need for your new home

Whether it’s something mundane like a new toilet brush or something exciting like a new entertainment system, you’re probably not going to get away without a couple of new purchases to equip your new home. So make sure you buy online via a site like Greasyplam and get discounts and cashback on all your purchases. You can earn up to £50 cashback straight away when you take out home insurance through them and they even pay YOU to register!

7. Protect your new house

Making sure your new home has adequate security, like a burglar alarm, will not only help prevent you from the heartache of having your possessions stolen but will also reduce your home insurance premiums in the short term. Some modern alarm systems, like the ones from MyGard can be fitted yourself so you don’t have to fork out on the installation.

8. Bag the best mortgage and utility services

Chances are that if you’re moving house, you’re also going to need a new mortgage and at the very least, new gas, electricity, phone, TV and broadband suppliers. Getting the best deals on these heavyweight bills is one of the easiest ways to save money when moving home. Using a site like uSwitch or Moneysupermarket can save you hundreds.

9. Save on your solicitor fees

Ideally it’s best to get a personal recommendation for a conveyancer to handle the legal side of your move. Alternatively use a service like Contact Law where you fill in one form and they hunt down the best solicitor for your needs and budget.

10. Get the most out of the government

After you’ve scrimped and saved every last penny, you’re going to want to earn some interest on your savings. Well, did you know that even if you already have an ISA you can also save an additional £25 per month tax-free with a friendly society like Scottish Friendly Assurance? So don’t get taxed more than you need to and use the extra cash to pay off your new home quicker.

What next?

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